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Get a Great Pet Door Installed in the Perfect Spot for Your Home, Your Lifestyle and Your Pet

Dog Doors can be installed in many areas of your home – not just doors. So, take a look at the places that your pet can call her entrance.

The Classic – Door Doggy Door

If your entry area is the best place for your pet to call its entrance and exit, the old standby Door Pet Door will be your best choice.

Door Dog Doors can be installed in all types of doors: wood, steel, fiberglass, flat panel, crossbuck, raised panel and true multi-lite French Doors.

When a Wall Dog Door Suits Your Best Friend’s Needs

Your wall may be the best spot for your dog door if you want your pet to stay out from underfoot. Installing a Wall Hale Pet Door creates a greater air space between the flaps, increasing the energy efficiency of your dog door.

Wall Pet Doors can be installed in all types of wall construction: frame with siding or stucco, brick or stone veneer, true double brick, concrete block and even poured foundations. 

Select a Screen Pet Door to Let the Breeze Flow

When the weather is nice, you’ll want to enjoy the fresh air and keep the bugs out, so a Screen Doggie Door will let your fur-kids come and go.

Screen Dog Doors can be installed in screen doors, screen porches and patio rooms.

When You Want Your Pet to Use a Window or Sliding Patio Door


Hale Pet Door makes dog and cat doors that fit right into your vertical or horizontal opening windows and panels that install next to your slider. These custom dog doors are made to order for your window or door, so you get a weathertight fit with all the features of other pet door models.

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